There are three main ways that you can get an export of all your stock in Current RMS: 

  • Use the rental asset listing report
  • Export a list of your stock levels
  • Create a custom view in Resources

We’ll walk through each of these methods in this guide, as well as reasons you might choose one view over another. 

Rental asset listing report 

The rental asset listing report is great for sending to your insurance company. It’s a list of all active rental products, including: 

  • Quantity held
  • Asset and serial number if serialized stock
  • Weight
  • Replacement charge and total

To access, head to Reports on the menu bar.

Use the blue buttons at the top to download as a CSV file or Excel document – perfect for data manipulation.

Export a list of your stock levels

Doing an export of your stock levels is good for making adjustments to your stock. 

Head to System Setup > Export Data and choose the stock level tick box. Current will email you a CSV file that has a row for each of your stock levels.

The columns you’ll see on the CSV file match the fields that you see in Current RMS when creating or editing a stock level. They’re all defined in our Importing & Exporting Data section, see: Stock level import file 

Update your stock levels using the CSV

Need to adjust your opening balance or quantity held? You can make changes on the exported stock levels CSV file and then re-import this file to Current RMS to apply the changes. 

We’ve got a guide that runs through this in more detail, check out: Amend data via import and export

Create a custom view in Resources

Great for getting an overview of all of your stock levels. Custom views let you create your own tables in Current to see and sort the data as you wish. 

To create one, go to Resources > Products, hover over View: Active, and click the green create button that appears.

When creating your view, use the stock attributes:

  • Rental quantity held.
  • Rental quantity quarantine.
  • Rental quantity booked.
  • Sub-rental quantity.
  • Rental quantity availability.
  • Sale quantity held.
  • Sale quantity quarantine.
  • Sale quantity available.

Need help setting up a custom view? We’ve a full run-through: Custom views

Export a custom view to a CSV file using the little download icon at the top-right.

Common questions

Why can't I access System Setup or see Reports?

It sounds like you don’t have permission. Only administrators can access System Setup and Reports. The permissions on your account are set up by someone within your company. Ask the main Current RMS user at your company or your manager if you need access. 

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