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Transfer stock between stores

Move stock from one store to another and create a record to show who and when this transfer took place.

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Stores in Current RMS are different locations where your stock levels are physically held, e.g. different warehouses or branches. 

When an item moves from one store to another, use a store transfer to record this in Current and make the stock available to opportunities in your other store.

This guide will show you to move stock individually, if you have a lot of stock to move then check out our Bulk Store Transfer guide for the best way of doing this.

Get started

To add a store transfer, open a product page and go to the Stock Levels section on the left-hand side. Click the blue arrow next to the stock level and choose Store Transfer from the menu. 

On the Create Store Transfer screen, specify the destination store, date, and (optionally) a description. 

The transfer date must be equal to or later than the “opening balance” transaction date. You cannot transfer more stock than a store holds.

Click the blue create store transfer button and two stock transactions will be created:

  • a “transfer out” at the origin store

  • a “transfer in” to the destination store

Stock availability

Here’s a few things to keep in mind regarding the availability of your stock levels: 

  • When transferring a serialized asset, the stock level store is updated immediately to reflect the destination store, even when creating a transfer using a date in the future. 

  • If your transfer causes a shortage, Current will display an orange warning to let you know. 

  • With “enforce stock availability” enabled in System Preferences, Current will prevent you from transferring in cases where it will cause a shortage.

Delete a store transfer

From the stock level page, using the blue arrow to the right of the transaction in the list and choose Delete from the menu.

Availability is calculated when you delete a transfer: Current will let you know if there’s a shortage or prevent you from removing the transfer if “enforce stock availability” is enabled in System Preferences

For a serialized asset, a transfer can only be deleted when it is the last transaction for the asset. This means that if there are transfers or transactions added after the transfer you wish to delete, you’ll need to remove them in reverse chronological order.

As with creating a transfer, you cannot transfer out more stock than a store holds so ensure the transfer quantity is not greater than the quantity in stock at the destination store. 

Common questions

Can I edit a store transfer?

It’s not possible to edit a store transfer.

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