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Book out items from the quarantine
Book out items from the quarantine

Return items to stock or write them off from the quarantine by booking out.

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When you’re ready to move items out of the quarantine, you have two options:

  • Return to stock

  • Write them off

Return to stock

You’d return to stock if an item’s service is complete, if it was lost and has been found, or if it’s been repaired after being damaged.

The item will return to availability.

Write off

You’d write off an item if it’s considered lost and you don’t anticipate it will come back, or if it’s damaged beyond repair.

Your stock levels are adjusted to reflect that you no longer rent or sell this item.

Get started

To book an item out of the quarantine, head to the quarantine page and click Book out under Actions. 

Fill out the fields on the “Quarantine Book Out” pop-up box.

  • Type
    Return to stock or write off?

  • Quantity Booked Out
    If you’re working with a bulk or non-stock product, specify the quantity you’d like to book out here.

  • Booked Out Date
    Set the date that you’d like the quarantine to return to stock or be written off from. 

  • Description
    Enter a description. This will be shown in the transactions section of the quarantine page for your reference.

A note on the booked out date

Keep in mind that when you book items out of the quarantine, your availability period is taken into consideration. Items returned to stock are considered available from the next full availability period after the “Booked out” date you choose.

For example, if you book an item out of quarantine today and your availability period is set to “day,” your item will be considered available from tomorrow – the next full availability period

Damaged or lost sub-rentals

If you checked-in a sub-rented item as damaged or lost, there will be a “Returned to supplier” tickbox on the “Quarantine Book Out” screen.

If this box isn’t ticked, it means you’ve repaired or found the item and haven’t returned it to the supplier. A supplier return quarantine job will be created.

Supplier returns

When sub-rentals are checked-in and finalized from an opportunity, quarantines are created to remind you to send the kit back to the supplier. 

To book out a supplier return, hit Book out from the quarantine page. There’s no chance to specify the type here.

You may also book out multiple supplier returns at once by ticking boxes on the main quarantine page and clicking the blue book out button.

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