Link products together using accessories

Specify that products are rented or sold with other products using accessories.

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Accessories let you rent or sell products with other products in Current RMS.

  • When you add a product with accessories to an opportunity ,you can choose which accessories are included

  • Make accessories mandatory to ensure that they are always rented or sold with a product; otherwise set a recommended quantity or set them as optional.

  • You can have accessories on accessories. Accessories can be four levels deep on an opportunity.

  • Create as many accessories as you like on a product – there’s no limit.

  • Accessories are products in their own right; add stock levels and rates to them and rent or sell them without the parent product.

When would you use accessories?

Not sure if you need accessories or a serialized container? Check out our guide: How do packages or kits work in Current RMS? 

Get started

Accessories link products together, so first make sure that you’ve created each product that you want to add as an accessory. For example, if you want add an HDMI cable as an accessory to a projector, first create the HDMI cable as a product in your system.  

If you've not yet created your accessory products, check out our guide on creating products. Don't forget to add rates and stock levels.

From the page for the product that you want to add an accessory product to, find the Accessories section on the left-hand side and choose add a new accessory

Configure your accessory

On the “Create accessory” screen, fill in all of the fields.

  • Product
    Start typing in the product that you'd like to add as an accessory and Current will auto-suggest from your inventory.

  • Quantity
    How many accessory products should be added for each main product that is rented or sold? 

  • Zero-priced
    Don't charge for this accessory? Set it up as zero-priced by toggling this slider to YES.

Decimal quantities

Do you only need one accessory for multiple products? Enter your accessory as a decimal. You can use four decimal places.

For example, enter a quantity of 0.5 to specify that for every 2 ‘main’ products that are rented or sold, at least one accessory is rented or sold.


Use the sentence builder to set the conditions that determine when and how your accessory should be added to an opportunity.

Main product transaction type

Choose whether this accessory is added either when you rent or when you sell the main product.

Accessory transaction type

Choose whether the accessory item is either rented or sold with the main product.

Inclusion type

How should the accessory be added to opportunities?

  • Default
    When an accessory is set up as “default,” the quantity of that product is added by default when you pick the parent product on an opportunity. You may adjust this.

  • Mandatory
    When “mandatory”, the quantity of that product is added by default when you pick the parent product. You cannot enter a quantity lower than the mandatory amount.

  • Optional
    When “optional,” no quantity is specified and you can set the amount you’d like to add when adding the parent product.


Should the customer see this on their paperwork?

  • Accessory
    An accessory shows up on most customer-facing documents, e.g. quotations, rental agreements.

  • Safety item
    A safety item shows up on most customer-facing documents along with the text "(safety item)" -- perfect for PPE or other safety equipment.

  • Component
    A component is hidden on most customer-facing documents; components only show on internal documents, e.g. picking lists.

When you're done, hit the blue create or create or add another buttons.

Review accessories

A list of all products that are accessories to this product show up under the Accessories heading on the left-hand side.

Where a product is an accessory to another product, you’ll see that in the “Accessory To” section.

Common questions

Some of my products never go out on their own, can I stop them from being added to opportunities without a main product?

You can. When creating a product that's only rented or sold as an accessory, toggle the Accessory Only slider to YES. When enabled, the product won't show up in the product picker when adding items to an opportunity.

My accessory product isn't suggested when typing in the "product" field, why?

It sounds like the product might not be set up correctly. Make sure that...

  • you created the product

  • the accessory product has a rate against it.

  • it's active

See our troubleshooting guide for more information: Why can't I add my product to an opportunity?

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