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View recent actions or recent documents on an opportunity
View recent actions or recent documents on an opportunity

Get an overview of changes to an opportunity and a history of documents generated using recent actions and recent documents.

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When there’s multiple people working on an opportunity, there will be times when you want to check who did what. Recent actions and recent documents can help. 

Recent actions

See a clear audit trail of actions against an opportunity using recent actions. To access, click Recent actions under the Actions heading on the details pane.

On the box that appears, you’ll see a list of actions, along with the user who performed them, a description, and the date & time. Key opportunity actions are captured, such as: 

  • Opportunity converted

  • Opportunity created

  • Opportunity items added

  • Changes made to an opportunity item

  • Lock Pricing enabled

  • Products or services finalised

  • Products checked in

  • Products or services booked out

  • Documents printed

Recent documents

Recent documents is a record of all documents generated on this opportunity – perfect for times when a client wishes to revert to a previous iteration of a quotation and you need the old document for reference.

To view recent documents, click Recent documents under the Print heading on the details pane. 

You’ll see a list of documents, the user who first printed and the date & time.

Click Re-Print to view that particular document  in order to print, download, or send from Current RMS.

Common questions

Are there revision numbers for opportunities?

There’s no version or revision numbering right now. Opportunities are designed to be really simple to change, so you might have hundreds of different versions or revisions. 

If you’d like to add a version reference to your documents, we recommend adding the date and time to your document layouts. This acts as a data stamp that your customers can reference. The Liquid syntax you’ll need for this is {{ 'now' | localedatetime }}.  

If you’re not comfortable making modifications to your documents, start a conversation with us using the green help bubble at the bottom right of this page and we’ll be happy to help ↘️

Can I see a full audit trail of a user's actions?

You can indeed. Head to System Setup > Actions Log.

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