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See all actions across the system using the Action Log
See all actions across the system using the Action Log

View, filter, and download a list of actions across your system in System Setup > Action log.

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With all of your team sharing data in one system, there’s going to be times that you need to know who did what. Use the Actions Log to get a list of actions taken across your system that you can search and download.

What kind of actions are logged?

A variety of actions are logged across your system:

  • Items added or updated on an opportunity

  • Comments on a discussion

  • Exports from System Setup or of custom views

  • Data erased using the erase data tool

  • Records deleted

  • Records viewed

  • Invoices posted to QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Xero.

Get started

Head to System Setup > Actions Log to get started. Your initial view is all of the actions on your system, with the latest actions at the top. 

You’ll see the user account, IP address, action type, date, along with the associated record (subject name), and a description that includes additional information (e.g. the document or item name).

Filter your view

Use the options at the top to filter your view:

  • Search for
    Find text in the description or subject name

  • Date range
    Choose to see actions between a range of dates

  • User
    See only actions by a particular user account

  • Action type
    Filter by type of action

Hit Search when done.

Export actions

Download your view to CSV spreadsheet by using the small download icon at the top-right.

Session ID

The downloaded spreadsheet includes a “Session ID” column. The session ID is unique to the logged in user account’s particular browser session. 

User agent

Whenever you visit a website, your internet browser passes along your user agent. This is some text that lists information about your web browser version and operating system. This is also included in the exported spreadsheet.

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