Sometimes things don’t go to plan. If your supplier is going to deliver goods earlier or later than anticipated, set an expected arrival date and notes to let your team know.

You may set an expected arrival once your purchase order has been authorized and marked as sent.

Get started

From a purchase order with the status “sent,” click Set expected arrival under Actions.

On the pop-up, enter the expected arrival date and any notes in the fields.

See expected arrival information

On a purchase order page, expected arrival information is displayed in the details pane on the side.

This information is also available as attributes for custom views, so you can create a view to show you expected arrival information.

Goods received

In future, we’re looking to add a way of marking goods received and dealing with the stock arriving. We’re working on this now and we’ll let you know when it’s ready by messaging you in-app.

Have thoughts on how you think this should work? Let us know your thoughts by chatting to us using the green help bubble ↘️

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