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Change your default purchase order numbering and other settings
Change your default purchase order numbering and other settings

Set how your purchase order numbers should look, your address, and change other settings.

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Transitioned from Current RMS from another solution? Chances are that you’ve already been raising purchase orders and need to start from the next number in Current. Use System Setup to change a variety of purchase order settings.

Set your purchase order number starting point

Head to System Preferences – there’s a link under the “My Account” heading at the bottom of each page of your Current RMS system.

Under “Purchase Order Settings,” customize where your purchase order numbering starts and how your purchase order numbers look.

An example of your next invoice number is shown in the “Preview” field.

  • Prefix
    Add a prefix to your invoice number, e.g. “CRMS-” would result in something like “CRMS-1002".

  • Number length
    Choose a number length. This determines whether you’ll see leading zeroes on your invoice number, e.g. when set to 6, 1002 would be 001002.

  • Next number
    Choose your next number. For example, if the last number in your old solution is 1001, enter 1002 in the next number field.

Manual numbering

Prefer to set numbers manually? Toggle “Manual Purchase Order Numbers” to YES. 

When you create or edit a purchase order, you can set your own number.

Change your address

The address, telephone number, and other contact information on your purchase order is your store information. Edit a purchase order to set the store against it. 

You may change your store information in System Setup > Stores.

Change your documents

All of the document layouts that come with Current RMS are fully customizable. Head to System Setup > Document Layouts to get started.

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