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Add supplier costs to your products
Add supplier costs to your products

Set costs for sub-renting and purchasing products from your suppliers or vendors.

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When you don’t have enough stock to fulfil an order, the easiest way to resolve is to sub-rent in more kit. Sub-renting is when you rent gear from a third-party supplier to then rent to your customer. 

Current RMS automatically flags shortages of stock against opportunities and it’s easy to mark flagged lines as sub-rentals. When you mark an item as sub-rent, Current RMS will automatically add a sub-rent cost to your opportunity costs view, letting you see exactly how much profit you’re making on a job,

You may also set a purchase price against products which is automatically added to opportunities to give you an overview of the cost of consumables and overall profit.

Set costs against your product

When creating or editing a product, set a cost group, price, and rate definition for sub-rentals and purchases.

Your options here are determined by the “Allowed Stock Type” set against your product.

The sub-rental and purchase costs are used here when no specific supplier cost is found against this product that matches the supplier you set against a sub-rental on an opportunity.

You may set purchase costs for specific suppliers in the Suppler Costs list against products, but these aren’t used on opportunities just yet. We’re working on a purchasing module that will make use of sale purchase costs.

Add costs for specific suppliers

You can add sub-rent and purchases costs for specific suppliers – great if you regularly sub-rent gear from the same local companies. Costs you enter here will be used when the supplier you set on a sub-rental on an opportunity match a supplier in the list.

From a product page, click add a new supplier cost at the bottom-right of the “Supplier Costs” heading.

On the next screen, pop in the details:

  • Supplier
    Enter the name of an organization in People & Organizations. Don’t have one set up? See: Create an organization

  • Transaction type
    Choose either sub-rental or purchase. Your options here are determined by the “Allowed stock type” for this product.

  • Rate definition
    For sub-rentals, specify the rate definition to be used when calculating the total cost.

  • Price
    Enter the cost price.

When you’re done, click the blue Add supplier cost button to save.

Edit or delete a supplier cost

Use the blue arrow to the right of a supplier cost to edit or delete it.

Import or export supplier costs

Have lots of supplier costs to enter? Import them all at once from a spreadsheet to save time. See: Import data

Remember you can amend data you’ve added to Current using our import tools too, see: Amend data via export and import

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