Accessories are a way of specifying that a product is rented or sold with one or more products. For example, you might rent cables with speakers or chair covers with chairs. 

In Current RMS, there are three types of inclusion type for your accessories. The inclusion type determines how the accessory behaves when added to an opportunity.

  • Default
    When an accessory is set up as “default,” the quantity of that product is added by default when you pick the parent product on an opportunity. You may adjust this.

  • Mandatory
    When “mandatory”, the quantity of that product is added by default when you pick the parent product. You cannot enter a quantity lower than the mandatory amount.

  • Optional
    When “optional,” no quantity is specified and you can set the amount you’d like to add when adding the parent product.

Sign ups before January 2018 

If you signed up for Current RMS prior to January 2018, you might remember that there were only two inclusion types: optional and mandatory. With our Choosing Accessories update, accessories that were known as optional became default accessories to better reflect their behavior.

Other than the name change, no changes were made to the way your accessories were configured as a result of this update.

Where do I set the inclusion type?

Choose the inclusion type when creating accessories.

Where can I see the inclusion type?

You’ll see the inclusion type in the product picker and on the “add new opportunity item” screen when working with products that have accessories. In the example below, the product has accessories with all three inclusion types.

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