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Create a product catalog document using Google Sheets
Create a product catalog document using Google Sheets

Need a printed product catalog document? Export from Current RMS and use Google Sheets.

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Sometimes your customers might ask you for a rental catalog – especially if they’re customers whose opportunities are primarily dry rentals. Use the export function in Current RMS along with Google Sheets to create a list of products that you can print, download, or publish for your customers.

How this works

  • Export your products from Current RMS.

  • Open in Google Sheets.

  • Cleanse and format the data.

  • Print, download, or publish.

Export your products from Current RMS

First, head to System Setup > Export Data, tick the product checkbox, and choose Export to export a list of products from Current.

You’ll receive an email with a link to grab a CSV spreadsheet file of all of your products. You may also head back to System Setup > Export Data to download a copy of the file.

Can’t access System Setup? Only administrator users have access to System Setup, chat to the person in charge of Current RMS at your company to get access or copies of the export.

Open in Google Sheets

Once downloaded, open the file in Google Sheets. It’s free to create a Google account and start using Google Sheets.

Cleanse the data

Delete columns that you don’t need

The product export from Current includes all of the fields against your products in Current. You probably won’t want to show all of your customers these, so delete any columns you don’t need. 

If you’d like to show product pictures, keep the “Image URL” column – we’ll come back to this in the next step.

Sort the data by column

You might like to sort the data by column, e.g. product group. Use the sorting options in Sheets to do this.

Delete rows that you don’t need

Don’t want to show all of your products on your catalog? Delete rows to remove products from it.

Format the spreadsheet

Change colors, fonts, and text sizes to get the spreadsheet matching your branding.

Add product images

Exports from Current RMS are in the CSV spreadsheet format because it’s a widely compatible format – most computers and many apps can open these spreadsheets. 

One caveat of using CSV files is that they’re technically plain text files, which means we can’t include embedded images in them. However, we include a link to the product’s picture on our servers so you can grab a copy of the image by clicking on it.

Google Sheets can automate this for you and automatically download all images from the links and insert them in a column. Use the IMAGE  function to do this.

Add a column

To start, add a column to the left of the “Image URL” column. Give your column a name if you like.

Insert images

Click in the cell where you’d like the first image to be displayed, then type =Arrayformula(image(B2:B100)) , where B2:B100  is the cell range where your the image URLs are in the spreadsheet. 

Hit ↵ return  and Google Sheets will download each of the images.

Resize rows

To change the size of the images, adjust the height of the rows. 

Hide the “Image URL” column

We no longer need the “Image URL” column, so we can safely hide it.

Print, download, or publish

When you’re happy with the way your spreadsheet looks, print, download to PDF, or even publish a link that you can share with your customers.


In Google Sheets, click File > Print to print your sheet.

Download to PDF

Use File > Download as > PDF document (.pdf) to download a copy of the file to PDF.


Generate a link that you can share with your customers by clicking File > Publish to the web.

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