Use Reports to see information about your assets, customers, and revenue for the lifetime of your system.

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The Reports section of your Current RMS system lets you see information about your assets, customers, and revenue for the lifetime of your system. 

Use reports to help make informed decisions about which kit to invest in, see your customer loyalty, and get an overview of your business costs.

Get started

To access your Reports, click the link on the top menu bar. Click into a report to work with it.

Only administrators can see Reports. If you are a non-administrator, you’ll see Favorites here. If you’d like access to reports, speak with the person who manages Current RMS at your company.

Keep in mind 

  • Income and payment reports are based on revenue from invoice figures, not opportunity figures. 

  • Invoices that are issued, paid, or posted contribute to reports; open, voided, or deleted invoices do not.

  • Issued, paid, or posted credit notes will deduct from your reports.

  • If you void an invoice or credit, your reports are adjusted accordingly.

  • When creating an invoice from an opportunity, if you choose ‘opportunity group’, ‘product group’, or ‘opportunity’, Current will distribute income to each product based the grouping you selected.

  • Part invoices are not used for revenue reporting; issue final invoices in order to see revenue apportioned to reports.

Filter your report

Filter your report using the options at the top.

Download your report

Use the blue buttons at the top to download your report to CSV or Excel, where you can manipulate the data further., 

Custom views

Don’t forget you can also create custom views to see and sort data in Current RMS, creating report like views. Check out our guide to get started, see: Custom views

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