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Set up the MailChimp integration
Set up the MailChimp integration

Integrate your Current RMS system with MailChimp to export People & Organizations to MailChimp.

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Use our MailChimp integration to export organizations, contacts, and venues directly to MailChimp lists from People & Organizations.

Before you begin

You’ll need a MailChimp account to use our MailChimp integation. Sign up on the MailChimp website.

Get started

Head to System Setup > Integrations and choose MailChimp.

Enter your API key

Current RMS needs an API key in order to connect to MailChimp:

  • To create an API key from MailChimp, go to your Account Settings, then go to Extras > API Keys. 

  • Alternatively, grab one straight from our integration page by clicking on Where is my API key? on the left.

Copy and paste your key into the “API Key” field in Current RMS.

The API key should be in a format similar to d26582101436013409e9685b357e21ee-us12  including a dash and region code at the end like -us12 .


When you’re ready, toggle the “Enabled” slider to YES. Then hit the blue Update button.

Next steps

That’s it, you’ll now have the option to Export to MailChimp in the Filter menu of People & Organizations!

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