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Check-in items across opportunities in a project
Check-in items across opportunities in a project

Bring gear from opportunities across a project back into stock using the project detail view.

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While in Current RMS, your gear might be separated neatly by opportunity; often it might come off the van from a project in one go! Use the project detail view to check-in kit across all of the opportunities in your project.

Get started

To access the project detail view, hit the green detail view button at the top of the Opportunities section of a project page. 

You’ll see this button when any opportunities in the project are orders with the status of active. This means that some or all of the kit on those orders has been booked out. 

Check-in items

The project detail view works in a similar way to the opportunity detail view, however only check-in operations are available.

  • Use the “Check-in” tab to scan barcodes to check-in items.

  • Tick the checkboxes and use the Action menu to check-in items.

You can sort the view, lock groups, and use the checkboxes as you can on the opportunity detail view. See our guides on the detail view for more:

Finalize check-in

When you’ve checked-in assets, hit the Finalze check-in button to confirm your check-ins are faithful.

You can specify a “return at” date for each order with checked-in items.

Move outstanding items to a new opportunity

Toggle the “move outstanding items to a new opportunity” slider to YES on the finalize check-in screen to move any items that aren’t checked-in to new opportunities. 

A new opportunity will be created for each opportunity with outstanding items. Opportunities created this way are created in the same project, so their assets will appear on the project detail view.

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