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Add your kit, customers, and other data to Current RMS!

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Now you’ve set up your company information, added in rates, configured taxes, and completed other tasks, it’s time to create some data!

Add data in the web interface

Head to any of the main sections on the menu bar along the top and use the green add buttons to create new data.

Here’s some guides to get you started:

Import data en masse

If you’ve got a large amount of data to create, rather than creating each record individually using the web interface, you might find it easier to create data all at once using our import data tool. 

This is especially handy if you’re transitioning to Current RMS from another solution. If you can export data from your previous software, you should be able to use this as a basis for an import to Current RMS.

Check out our guides to get started: Import and export data

Create custom fields

If you have information that you’d like to store in Current RMS, but can’t seem to find a field for it then it’s worth checking out custom fields. Custom fields let you add in things like text boxes, tick boxes, date pickers, drop-down lists, and other kinds of fields throughout the system. 

To add custom fields, head to System Setup > Custom fields. See our guide: Custom fields

Once you’ve added a custom field, you can add a column for it on the relevant import spreadsheet and import data to it in the same way as a standard field.

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