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Set up automatic surcharges on rental products.

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Charge for lens cleaning or dish washing? Surcharges might help. Surcharges let you automatically add a percentage or fixed amount per product added to an opportunity. 

Surcharges are set up in System Setup and configured against your rental products. They can be enabled or disabled for each opportunity and configured on rental opportunity items.

Surcharge groups

Head to System Setup > Surcharge Groups to get started

You’ll first want to create a surcharge group, which is a way of categorizing your surcharges. For example, you might apply a “Dishwashing fee” and have different charges depending on items that are being washed.


To set up surcharges, head to System Setup > Surcharges. Hit the green add surcharge button and fill out the fields.

We’ve got a guide that runs through adding surcharges to your system, see: Use surcharges to apply surcharges to products

Apply surcharges to products

Once set up, when creating products you can choose the surcharges that apply.

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