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Set up taxes for your state or region.

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Everyone loves paying taxes! The tax engine built into Current is designed to handle all kinds of global tax rules. 

UK, Australia, or New Zealand

Signed up from the UK, Australia, or New Zealand? We’ve automatically configured VAT or GST for your region for you!

If you do business in other regions, you might wish to add review your taxation settings to add additional taxes.

How does taxation work in Current?

Taxation in Current RMS is calculated by using tax rules that apply tax rates based on tax classes.

  • Tax classes
    Categories or classifications that you can set against your products and organizations.

  • Tax rates
    A percentage amount of tax that you’d like to apply in a particular country, state, or zipcode range.

  • Tax rules
    A combination of both tax classes and rates that Current uses to calculate the appropriate tax charge amount.

For example, you might have a tax rule called “Standard Tax” that applies your tax rate “Standard Sales” of 10% when products have the tax class “Standard”.

Get started

Head to System Setup and add tax rates, rules, and classes under the “Taxation” heading.

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