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Define how you charge for your rental products, e.g. daily, weekly, or three day week.

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Current RMS is powerful to handle a wide variety of rental charging setups. Your system comes with a few rates set up by default, but it’s worth reviewing the ways that you charge and setting up rate definitions in Current to match.

To add or change rate definitions, go to System Setup > Rental Charging Setup.

Which rate should I set up?

We’ve got a comprehensive set of guides that run through the rental charging engines in Current RMS with examples, check out: Rental charging

We’re here to help

Getting your rental charging set up correctly is a key part of running a rental business, so if you’re struggling then just let us know and we’ll be happy to help! 

Our team have been writing software for the rental industry for years, so please do draw on our experience. Start a conversation using the green help bubble at the bottom-right ↘️

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