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Create user accounts and manage user access.

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Users are the different logins that will have access to your Current RMS system. You can use Roles to determine what particular user accounts can access and do in your system.

What’s a user account?

In Current RMS, a user account is a discrete login to your system with an email address and password. 

There’s no limit on the number of times one account can be signed in across devices or locations. This means that you may create accounts that are shared by different staff members or departments, if you like.

Benefits of multiple users

While you may share accounts and we don’t limit or restrict this, adding multiple accounts brings benefits over account sharing:

Add roles

If you’re adding user accounts, we recommend thinking about your roles first. Roles determine what a user can and can’t do when using your Current RMS system. For example, you could set up the system so your office team can only see your People & Organizations, or your warehouse team can’t see financial information. 

Find Roles by going to System Setup > Roles and role membership

To learn more about roles, see: Roles and role membership

Add user accounts


Keep in mind that Current RMS is billed on a per-user account basis, so adding additional accounts will incur a charge. Check out our pricing page for details, see: Current RMS Pricing

Questions about pricing? We’re happy to help! Start a conversation using the green help bubble at the bottom-right ↘️

Get started

To add a new user account, head to System Setup > Users, then click the green add user account.

On the next screen, fill out all of the fields to create your account. See: Users

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