Current RMS comes with a bunch of documents available to print to help with the daily operation of your rental business. You can print documents from opportunities, projects, invoices, products, and other pages in Current.

Make documents active

Not all of the documents that are included with Current are enabled out-of-the-box. Go to System Setup > Document Layouts to review all of the documents that are included and turn on any that you like.

Documents that aren’t active will have “No” in the “Active” column. Preview them by choosing Preview from the menu.

Customize documents

Edit documents to make changes to color and style. Just hit Edit from the menu. Change the name, colors, and page sizes.

See: Make basic changes to document layouts

Make advanced changes

Clone any of the documents to get access to the HTML that makes them up. 

All of the documents are written in HTML, CSS, and Liquid syntax. These are standard web design languages, so anyone with HTML experience can make changes.

See: Make advanced changes using HTML, CSS, and Liquid syntax

If you’re not comfortable working in HTML, we offer a document layout modification service. Contact our customer success team at us by using the green help bubble to get started ↘️

Create new documents

If you’re comfortable with HTML, CSS, and Liquid syntax, you can create a new document from scratch by hitting the green add document button.

Upload a document

To upload a document sent by the Current RMS team or that has been previously exported, hit the green upload document button.

Use the Choose file button to browse for the .txt  file on your device.

On the next screen, review the settings for your document layout and hit the blue Create button when done.

Next steps

We have a chapter of guides that run through the different kinds of documents available in Current and how to customize fully. Check out: Document layouts

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