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Edit an opportunity item

Make changes to opportunity items in the list inline, or use the edit item screen to make advanced changes.

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When you’ve added products and services to an opportunity, it’s easy to make changes. You can make changes inline, or use the edit opportunity item screen to make more detailed changes.

Make changes inline

The simplest way to edit an opportunity is to click on any of the fields you see in the list. Just click to change:

  • Chargeable days

  • Quantity

  • Price

  • Discount

Changes to the charge total are calculated immediately. 

Use the edit screen

To edit a product in more detail, click the blue arrow to the right of it and choose Edit from the menu. 

On the edit screen, make changes to the quantity, chargeable days (if enabled for the opportunity), description, price and discount.

Warehouse Notes

In this section you can add notes to opportunity items which your warehouse team can see within the Detail View of the opportunity.

To add a warehouse note to an opportunity item simply head to the Order or Detail View of the opportunity and click the blue arrow next to the item to edit. Then enter your notes in the Warehouse Notes section and these will be pulled through to the Detail View of your opportunity. These notes can also be pulled through to some of your documents such as the picking list.

Use the split an opportunity item screen

To split an opportunity item into two lines, click the blue arrow to the right of it and choose Split Item from the menu.

In the Opportunity Item Split screen, make changes to the quantity as needed to achieve the split and then select Split item.

Sub-rent or sub-contract

Working on a draft or open quotation? Toggle the “Sub-rent stock” or “Sub-contract service” slider to YES to make this a sub-rent or sub-contract. 


Configure surcharges

Surcharges let you automatically apply a percentage or fixed fee to products added to an opportunity. If enabled for this opportunity, you can modify surcharges for the opportunity item at the bottom of this screen. 

Add or modify allocations

If your opportunity is an order, provisional quotation, or reserved quotation, add and modify allocations in the Stock Allocations section. 

This is an advanced way to set your allocations, especially handy for cases when you will need to have a mix of sub-rent products and assets from your own stock. 

From here, you may also set costs for sub-rent products and services.

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