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Add products and services using the add new item screen
Add products and services using the add new item screen

Provide more detail when adding your products and services by using the add new item screen.

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The picker is great for building your items list really quickly, but if you’d like to supply a little bit more information about products and services as you’re adding them then you can use the “Add new opportunity item” screen.

Get started

To add products and services, click add new opportunity item/group at the bottom right of the items list and choose item, or press ctrl + alt + i

Make sure the “Product/Service” radio button is selected at the top and start typing the name of your product in the Name box. Current will auto-suggest a list of your products and services as you type.

When you’ve selected a product or service, Current will show you availability figures so you know what’s available and quoted for during the period. Once selected, modify the fields on this screen:

  • Transaction type
    If you hold both rental and sale stock for this product, change the transaction type here to specify whether you are renting or selling this item.

  • Quantity
    Quantity of stock to add to the opportunity. 

  • Description
    Add an opportunity item description. This will show up underneath the product in the order view in Current RMS and shows up on most of our default quotation layouts. 

  • Discount
    Apply a percentage discount to this line item here. 

Sub-rent or sub-contract

Toggle the sub-rent or sub-contract toggle to YES to specify that you’re sub-renting or sub-contracting this service.

If you’re working on a provisional quotation, reserved quotation, or an order, new fields will appear. 

  • Supplier
    Pop in the name of an organization in People & Organizations in the supplier box, if known. 

  • Costs
    Specify costs for the sub-rental.

Product fields

  • Chargeable days
    If you’ve enabled chargeable days on the opportunity, use the chargeable days field here to override the days to charge for this particular line item.

  • Rate
    Current will pull through the rate you entered against this product, along with the rate period so you can see if the price is daily, weekly, fixed, or any other period. Modify the price of this item here. Changing the price here affects only this opportunity. 

Service fields

  • Start & end dates
    By default, Current will set the start & end date of this service to the opportunity start and end dates. Change these as you wish by clicking in the start & end date boxes.

  • Rate type and price
    The rate type and price will default to the first rate assigned to the service with a price in the order day, hour, distance, and flat rate. To change, choose another option in the drop-down menu.

  • Create an item for each day
    When this slider is set to YES, Current will create a line on the opportunity for each day of the service if it spans multiple days. This gives you the flexibility to break down charging by day on your quotations & invoices, as well as letting you allocate different people or vehicles for different days.

  • Costs
    Choose the cost rate type, rate quantity, and price for your items. 

Choose accessories

If a product has accessories, an “Accessories” section appears where you can add and change accessory quantities.

Click Create opportunity item to add the product or service you have configured or Create and add another to return to the same screen to add more products.

Add new items directly under a group or as an accessory 

For more bespoke opportunities, you may wish to create your opportunity groups first and then add products directly to these groups. For example, if you’re quoting for a conference with multiple rooms,  create groups for each room, then drop items directly into those groups.

To add items directly to opportunity groups or products that are already created, click the blue drop-down arrow to the right of a product and select show picker or add item. The process to add items using is the same as above.

We’ve another guide that runs through accessories, see: Work with accessories

Next steps

Now you’ve added products and services, you might like to:

Common questions

Can I add one-off products?

You can, those are called “text items”. Use the add new opportunity item screen and choose the text item radio button at the top. We run through that in another guide, see: Add text items to an opportunity 

My products aren't showing up as available to add, why?

Sounds like there might be something that’s not quite right about your product setup:

  • For rental products, have you added a rental rate?

  • Did you select the correct transaction type in the picker?

  • Is the product marked as “accessory only” or not active? 

Check out our troubleshooting article for more help on this: Why can't I add products to an opportunity?

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