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Alternative Products

Our alternative products feature will enable you to swap products within your Order View.

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Creating alternative products

Head to the product you are wishing to suggest alternative products for and select the pencil icon in the top right hand corner. You can then scroll down to your “Alternative Products” field where you can then select your chosen products.

Alternating products within an opportunity

Visit your opportunity and locate the item you are looking to swap. You can then look to click the blue arrow to the right of your item and select the “Substitute” option.

Substitute Opportunity Item

Upon entering our “Substitute” page, you’ll be able to specify the details of your substitution.

Existing Item Details

You’ll first see an overview of your original product including your product description, original pricing and any discounts.

Select Alternative Product

You’ll be able to select your substitute product from your list of existing alternative products. If you’re wishing to add a new alternative product, you can select the “Edit alternative products” link to set those up!

Once you have selected your product, you can choose if you’d like to copy over your existing product description.

You can then choose to carry any existing accessories across to your new item using the toggle.

Substitute Item Details

Upon selecting your alternative product, you can set your chosen details including transaction type, description and any pricing.

It’s important to note that the rate definition applied to the alternative product will be applied to the opportunity item when the substitution takes place. We're still gathering feedback on this so please reach out to with your thoughts!

You’ll also have the option to mark the item as sub-rented stock along with selecting any new accessories.

If any mandatory accessories have been linked to your alternative product, they will also be added to the opportunity alongside the new alternative item.

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