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Example custom fields

Looking for inspiration for your custom fields? Check out our list of common updates.

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Different businesses use custom fields for different in different ways, but here are some ideas for why you might like to create custom fields:


  • Passport number (string)

  • Organization type (list of values)

Contact or user

  • Birthday (date picker)

  • ID received (boolean)


  • Capacity (number)

  • Parking requirements (text)


  • Project number (auto-number)


  • Health and safety (multi-list of values)

  • Site requirements (text)


  • Payment method (list of values)


  • Date initially added to inventory (date picker)

  • Manufacturer’s website (website)

  • Fields for dimensions


  • MOT or vehicle inspection date (date picker)

  • Fuel type (list of values)

Opportunity item

  • Warehouse notes (text)

  • A field to determine whether something is hidden on certain documents (boolean)

Opportunity cost

  • Hotel reservation number (number)


  • PPE needed (boolean)

  • Technical skill level (list of values)

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