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What are discussions?
What are discussions?

Send and receive messages via email using Current RMS.

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Discussions are a way of sending messages from your Current RMS system to users, contacts, organizations, and venues you have added to People & Organizations. 

  • Your Current RMS users will receive the message through Current, everyone else will get the discussion as email. 

  • Any replies to discussion emails come back into Current, meaning everything stays in one place and everyone in the team is in-the-loop.

  • You can create discussions throughout Current RMS, including creating discussions from document layouts.

  • Discussions include a range of tools to help you see who’s read a message and control who receives future messages.

  • Customize and brand the email templates sent from Current RMS.

View discussions

Discussions in Current RMS are created regarding a record in your system, e.g. regarding an opportunity or regarding an organization. You can create discussions on:

  • Contact, organization, user, or venue pages

  • Opportunity, project, or invoice & credit pages

  • Product, service, vehicle, quarantine pages

  • Activities pages

You'll see any discussions listed on the left hand side of any of those pages: 

Click into a discussion to view it.

Unread discussions

When you receive a reply to a discussion that you’re a participant of, you’ll receive an email and you’ll see this in the “Unread discussions” tile on the dashboard.

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