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Reply to discussions and learn about the tools available when working with discussions.

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You can reply to discussions directly from an email or through Current RMS if you’re a user. Discussions come with a range of tools to help see who has received a message and control who’s involved in a discussion.

See unread discussions

The “Unread discussions” tile on the dashboard is a count of any discussions that you’re a participant of that you’ve not yet read across your system. Click it to see a list.

When you’re a participant in a discussion, you’ll also receive an email notification of new replies.

Reply to a discussion by email

The fastest way to reply a discussion is to reply to the email notification. This is the primary way that your customers and any other people who aren’t users in your Current RMS system will reply to discussions.

Any replies come back in to the discussion thread in Current RMS, so everyone is kept in the loop. 

Reply through Current RMS

As a user of Current RMS, you can reply to a discussion through Current RMS too. Just click into a discussion and use the editor to send your reply. 

See who’s read a message

One of the benefits of using discussions is that Current RMS records when a user has opened an email. This is a good indicator that your customer has seen or read a message.

You can see how many people have read a message by clicking into a discussion – the read count is listed underneath your message in gray.

Click for more details.

How does read tracking work?

Current RMS embeds a tiny image in emails that are sent as a discussion. Images in emails are generally downloaded when someone opens an email, so as soon as that image is downloaded our servers know that it’s been opened. 

While this works most of the time, keep in mind that some people might use email clients that don’t download images automatically. In this case, Current RMS can’t tell if they’ve opened a message.

Add participants to a discussion

From Current RMS, add new participants to a discussion by clicking the plus tile next to the last participant at the top of a discussion page.

Participants added receive new messages, but won’t receive messages that have previously been sent.

Mute participants

Stop participants from receiving new messages by muting them, handy for times when you need to discuss what a customer has said with your colleagues before you get back to them.

Participants who have opted out of receiving updates to a discussion will be shown as muted. 

Undeliverable messages

When an email to a participant is bounced or otherwise rejected, a comment is added to the discussion to let you know.

This is very helpful in spotting misspelled email addresses or invalid email accounts.

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