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Send messages via Current RMS using Discussions.

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Discussions in Current RMS are created regarding a record in your system, e.g. regarding an opportunity or regarding an organization. You can create discussions on:

  • Contact, organization, user, or venue pages

  • Opportunity, project, or invoice & credit pages

  • Product, service, vehicle, quarantine pages

  • Activities pages

You can also create a discussion directly from a document layout.

Get started

To create a new discussion, head to one of the pages mentioned above and click add a new discussion at the bottom-right.

Subject, comment, and template

Creating a discussion is similar to composing an email. First, enter a subject and then enter some text as a comment.

Depending on how your system is set up, you might already have some text in the comment box. Choose a discussion template by clicking the Template button. 

Use the toolbar at the top to format your text. 


A participant is somebody involved in a discussion, i.e. somebody who will get a discussion message. You’re automatically added as a participant; add other people using the green add a new participant button.

Choose the type of participant you wish to add on the right and start typing. Current will auto-suggest from your People & Organizations as you type. 

The first work email address against the contact, organization, venue, or user is used to send discussion messages.

Single participant discussions

You don’t need to add other participants to a discussion. Discussions with just one participant are great for internal notes.

Add attachments

To add attachments, hit the green add attachment button and browse for a file on your computer or device.

When you’re done, hit the blue Create discussion button. 

Create a discussion from a document layout

When previewing a document such as a quotation or invoice, just click the blue Create a discussion button.

To add to an existing discussion, click the blue arrow to the right and choose an existing opportunity discussion from the list.

A PDF copy of the document layout of the document is automatically attached.

Document approval

If your document is set up for approval, be sure to select a template that has the document approval link included.

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