By default, your Current RMS system comes with three cost groups that you can choose from: crew, transport, and other.

You can choose from these cost groups when logging a cost against an opportunity, and these are ultimately broken down in the Revenue & Costs Summary on opportunities and projects.

To gain further insight, you may wish to add more cost groups so you can get more of a breakdown of opportunity expenses.

Add a cost group

To add or make changes to your cost groups, go to System Setup > Cost groups and click the green add cost group button at the top.

Type in a name for your cost group, as well as a description if you wish.

Edit or delete a cost group

To make changes to a cost group, click the blue arrow to the right of it and choose Edit from the menu.

To delete a cost group, choose the Delete option from the menu. Click twice to confirm. It’s not possible to delete cost groups that are linked to opportunities, or the system default group.

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