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Add list of values and manage existing list options
Add list of values and manage existing list options

Current RMS comes with a variety of system lists you can edit, and you can add your own.

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Some values are stored in Current RMS as editable lists, so you can customize and add to them. You can also create your own lists that you can use in custom fields.

Get started

Go to System Setup > List of values to manage and add new list of values.

System default list of values

As standard, Current RMS comes with a number of list of values:

  • Phone Type

  • Link Type

  • Email Type

  • Address Type

These options allow you to add to the drop-down lists when adding telephone numbers, links, email addresses, and addresses in People & Organizations.

  • Activity Type

  • Activity Status

Use Activity Type to add new activity types to your system, and activity status to add options to the drop-down when you complete them.

Products & services

  • Service type
    Add new service types to the drop-down when creating a service.

  • Price category
    Set up price categories to add in additional prices to rates.

Invoice related

  • Payment methods
    If you’re logging payments in Current RMS or posting to Xero, add payment methods here.

Edit a list of values

To edit a list of values, click the blue arrow to the right of the list and choose Edit from the menu.

Here you can: 

  • Add new items using the green add a new list of values entry button.

  • Change the option that’s selected first by unticking default and ticking it on another option.

  • Remove any that have been added at your company by using the red cross next to an item.

Edit activity type list

The Activity Type list of values has some additional options. As well as the above, you can:

  • Choose a color
    Pick a color to represent this activity in calendars and throughout Current.

  • Make values inactive
    Never send a fax? Untick “active” to remove options from the list of when creating an activity. 

Add a list of values

To create a new list of values, click the green add list of values button. You’d generally want to do this when creating custom fields.

On the next page, enter a name for your list of values and then hit the green add a new list of values entry button.

When you’re done, hit the blue Create List of Values button.

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