Confirming a Bulk Store Transfer

Finish the transfer and print a Transfer Note

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When you've added items to your transfer list, the final step is to confirm the transfer and this will move stock to your destination store on the date you specify. You can also produce a Transfer Note which summarises the movement taking place.

Printing a Transfer Note

A Transfer Note is an optional document you can produce which is helpful for breaking down the key details of all the items you're moving and so is a useful checklist for your staff or any drivers etc.

Simply click the Transfer Note link in the sidebar within the Print section and your Transfer Note will appear.

Note: You can produce this at any stage, even if the transfer has already been confirmed so it can be done in any order you like

Confirming a Transfer

When you are happy for the transfer to take place then click the Confirm transfer link in the sidebar and this will move the items to the destination store on its Transfer Date.

Note: This process is irreversible and if you need to revert it, then you will need to create another transfer to move the items back again. Only Admin users can confirm a Bulk Store Transfer.

Handling Transfer errors

When you've confirmed the transfer, there may be errors preventing this from taking place, such as an item being part of an active stock check or it would create a shortage if enforce stock availability is enabled.

If this happens, then the item will be flagged and you can hover over the warning icon to see why it has failed for that item. The transfer status will also change to Failed, but the other items will have transferred successfully.

Simply fix the error and confirm the transfer again to then carry out the transfer.

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