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Adding stock to a Bulk Store Transfer

Build your transfer list by adding multiple items

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Once you've created a bulk store transfer, the next step is to start adding your list of items.

Add your Items

Load up your transfer and use the Asset box to search for your item. You can search for its asset number, name or serial number then enter its quantity and click Add to add it to the transfer list.

Note: Serialised items will always be set to a quantity of 1, but bulk items you can change to however many you currently have in that store.

Adding a permanent container will add all of its contents to the transfer, so there's no need to enter them all individually.

You can continue doing this for as many items that you want to transfer, so keep building the list up until you're ready to complete the transfer.

Editing or removing your Items

As you're building the transfer list you may need to make changes to the stock on there. If you need to edit an existing row then this will be to change the quantity and so simply click into the Quantity field to turn it into a text box and change the number.
โ€‹Note: this only applies to Bulk items, since serialised items cannot have a quantity more than 1.

To delete an item, then simply click on the dropdown at the end of the row and choose the Delete option then click again to confirm. This will remove its entire row and so should only be used if you want to remove the item in full. If you want to reduce how many of a bulk item you're transferring then change the quantity instead.

Once you've added all your items, the next step is to confirm the transfer or optionally print a Transfer Note.

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