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Creating a Bulk Store Transfer

Getting started with bulk store transfers

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If you have multiple stores then chances are you're going to want to move stock between them - our Bulk Store Transfer module enables you to move multiple items from one store to another in one easy process!

Getting Started

Head to Resources > Bulk Store Transfers and you'll see a list of the pending transfers in your company.

To create your own transfer then just click the Add Transfer button in the top right and you'll then see a form like the below:

Fill out the following fields in the form and then click Create Transfer.

  • Source Store

    • Where your stock levels are coming from

    • You can change this so you don't need to be logged in to the relevant store each time

  • Destination Store

    • Where your stock levels are going to

  • Transfer Date

    • When the move happens, to affect availability

  • Description

    • Optional for you to make notes about the transfer

Once you've created a transfer, your next step is to start adding items!

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