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Restrict Inspections by User Role
Restrict Inspections by User Role

Allow only certain roles to carry out certain inspections

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Enabling the feature

When creating or editing an Inspection code, to switch this feature on, simply select Yes on the “Enable restriction by role” This will begin limiting the inspections so that they can only be carried out by users in the chosen user roles.

Note: by default, restrictions are disabled so all users will be able to carry out inspections if their menu access allows it

Afterwards, to apply a restriction to roles then simply choose as many as you want from the list. The roles you select are the ones who will be able to carry out the inspection for that code, any who aren’t selected will not be able to inspect.


If the user is part of a role which has access then they’ll be able to proceed with the test as normal. Our example here shows a user part of a role who can do LOLER inspections but not PAT tests.

If they aren’t part of a role with access then, although they’ll still be able to see the test in the Testing & Inspections Due screen, the Test button won’t be there and they won’t be able to carry out the inspection.

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