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Find things across your system using Global Search
Find things across your system using Global Search

Search contacts, organizations, venues, products, opportunities, projects, invoices, purchase orders, and more from one central screen.

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Global Search lets you find records from across your Current RMS system.

It’s available on the main page header on the top-right next to the logged in user details. As the below image shows, you can also use the keys ctrl + alt + s to bring up the Global Search page.

Alternatively, you are able to navigate to Global Search by selecting it from the user menu as shown below:

Get started

Click on your picture at the top-right and choose Global Search from the menu.

Search for records

On the Global Search screen, type in your search query and hit enter. As there might be many results, enter at least three characters.

Current will return results across each of the modules in your system.

The search criteria used is the same as on each module’s main page. This means that generally we’re looking for “Live” or “Active” records. For example, in the list of matching opportunities you’ll see the same results as if you’d searched on the main Opportunities screen using the default view.

View more

We show the first five matching records in each section, along with the total number of matching records at the top-right.

Choose View more under each section’s list of results to see all matching results in the module’s main screen.

Add a custom search engine to Chrome

Chrome's address bar is good for more than just searching Google. You can add your own custom search engines to speed up searching. Simply type your keyword, hit tab, then type your query and hit enter.

To add your Current RMS Global Search as a custom search engine to Chrome, open Chrome settings, then go to Search engine > Manage search engines.

Click the Add button at the top of the “Other search engines” section.

  • Search engine
    This will be the label you see in the address bar. Something like “Current RMS” or “Global Search” might be good.

  • Keyword
    Enter the keyword that you’d like to type in the address bar to quickly access. You’ll type this keyword, then press tab to start searching.

  • URL with an %s in place of query
    Copy and paste the URL below, replacing SUBDOMAIN with your Current RMS system subdomain.

Hit Add when you’re done, then go test!

Common questions

Why can’t I find something?

We search using the default view for each module. This means we’re generally looking for “Live” or “Active” records. If you’re looking for a completed opportunity, posted invoice, or inactive organization then these won’t be returned.

Head to the module’s main page and filter the view as normal to find these.

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