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Customize an invoice
Change your default invoice terms, invoice numbering, and other settings
Change your default invoice terms, invoice numbering, and other settings

Set how your invoice numbers should look, your address, and change other settings.

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Transitioned from Current RMS from another solution? Chances are that you’ve already been invoicing and need to start from the next number in Current. Use System Preferences to change a variety of invoice settings.

Get started

To access System Preferences, hit link under the “My Account” heading at the bottom of each page of your Current RMS system.

Set your invoice terms

Under the “Invoice Settings” header, specify your invoice terms. Current RMS will automatically calculate the “Due Date” against the invoice based on the information you specify here.

Enter a number and then choose a term type:

  • days from the end of the invoice month
    An invoice created July 27th is due 30 days from the end of July, August 30th.

  • days from invoice date
    An invoice created July 27th is due 30 days from now, August 26th.

  • None
    All invoices have the due date set to the same day that the invoice was created.

When invoicing a customer with the “Cash Customer” toggle set to YES, the invoice is always due on the same date it was created.

Set your invoice number starting point

Customize where your invoice numbering starts and how your invoice and credit numbers look. 

An example of your next invoice number is shown in the “Preview” field.

  • Prefix
    Add a prefix to your invoice number, e.g. “CRMS-” would result in something like “CRMS-1002".

  • Number length
    Choose a number length. This determines whether you’ll see leading zeroes on your invoice number, e.g. when set to 6, 1002 would be 001002.

  • Next number
    Choose your next number. For example, if the last number in your old solution is 1001, enter 1002 in the next number field.

Change your final invoice credit text

When you create a final invoice after you’ve created part invoices against an opportunity or project, Current RMS automatically adds on a line to the final invoice called “Less Part Invoice Charges” to deduct the total part invoiced.

Customize the name of the line deducting the part invoice total by changing the “Final Invoice Credit Text” field under the “Part Invoicing Settings” heading.

Change your address on your invoice

The address, telephone number, and other contact information on your invoice is your store information. Edit an invoice to set the store against it. 

You may change your store information in System Setup > Stores.

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