Credit an invoice

Refund or reduce the amount a customer owes you by creating a credit note.

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A credit note is essentially a negative invoice – it reduces the amount your customer owes you for some or all of an invoice. You might also call them credit memos. Current RMS makes it easy to credit an invoice or create manual credits.

Why credit an invoice?

  • You might have issued an invoice by mistake and wish to print something to show your customer that they don’t have to pay.

  • You overcharged a customer.

  • A customer has paid an invoice and you need to refund some or all of it.

Get started

To credit an invoice, head to the invoice you wish to credit and hit Credit this Invoice under Actions. You’ll be taken to your credit straight away. 

You can tell that you’re working in a credit as you’ll see “Credit totals” at the top-right.

Create a partial credit

If you just need to credit some of the items on an invoice, just credit an invoice as above and then remove items from your invoice until you’re only left with the items you wish to credit.

Remove items by clicking the blue arrow to the right of an item and choosing Delete from the menu.

Adjust quantities or edit items by choosing Edit from the menu to the right of an invoice item.

Next steps

Credit notes are similar to invoices, so you can Issue Credit when you’re ready to make it final and Post Credit to your linked accounts solution as normal under Actions. 

Use the “Invoice/Credit Note” under the Print heading to pull a document off for your customer.

Revenue reporting

When you issued a credit note, revenue is deducted from your product and customer income reports accordingly. The credit count for products and customers will also be increased.

Void an invoice

To simply mark an invoice as not valid without issuing a credit, hit Void Invoice under Actions. If posted to Xero or QuickBooks Online, your invoice will be marked as voided there, too.

Unvoid an invoice by clicking Unvoid invoice under Actions. You can’t void if posted to Xero or QuickBooks Online

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