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Add bookable resources to your services

Tell the system which services your people, vehicles, or venues are available to make them bookable for those services on opportunities.

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A bookable resource is a person, vehicle, or venue that can perform a service at your company. 

A quick recap on services

A person, vehicle, or venue isn’t added directly to an opportunity, it’s made available for a service that you can add to an opportunity. 

For example:

  • You might set up a service called “Rigger” with a day rate of $150.

  • Once added, you can set up a contact or user and assign it as a bookable resource for that service.

  • Then, you’ll add the service to an opportunity and can pick from a list of people that you’ve set up as bookable resources.

In this guide, we’ll run through adding bookable resources. If you need a refresher on services, see: What is a service?

Create contacts, users, venues, or vehicles

There’s four types of record you can make bookable resources in Current:

When you create or edit a contact, be sure to toggle the “Bookable Resource” slider to YES if you’d like to add them to a service from a service page.

Get started

From a service page, click the add a new resource link under “Resources”.

Choose resource

In the “Resource” box, start typing the name of a contact, user, vehicle, or venue in your system. Current will suggest results as you type, choose the resource that you wish to add.

Not seeing someone you expected? Make sure you’ve set the contact, user, vehicle, or venue up as a bookable resource and that they’re active.

Add costs

Enter day, hour, distance, and flat rate costs for this bookable resource. These costs are automatically added when you allocate this bookable resource to an opportunity.

You may leave these at 0.00, if you wish. Current RMS ignores zero costs, so costs against the service would be added to the opportunity automatically.

Remember you can set costs against individual contacts, users, vehicles, and venues; as well as costs against services, too. See: Add cost to your services and bookable resources

Set stores and choose dates

If you like, pick the dates that this contact, user, or venue is available from and to – useful for cases when a staff member is leaving or someone isn’t yet fully trained.

Leave the dates blank if you wish the resource to be available for any date.

A contact, user, or venue won’t be bookable for a service before or after the dates you choose here.

To make them available to multiple stores, create a service for each store.

When you’re done, click the blue Create resource button.

Import bookable resources

Have lots of resources to make bookable for your services? Add them to a spreadsheet and import them all at once to save time. See: Import data

Next steps

Now you’ve set up your contact, user, or venue as a bookable resource:

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