What is a service?

Labor & crew, transport & vehicles, and venue bookings are examples of services.

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As well as renting or selling products, you might also supply services. For example, you probably provide delivery, some products might require setup or operation, or you might provide additional services such as consultancy or event management.

Current RMS can help you manage these services:

How do services work?

Services work in a similar way to products and stock levels. A person, vehicle, or venue isn’t added directly to an opportunity. Rather, a person, vehicle, or venue is made a bookable resource for a service that you add to an opportunity. 

For example:

  • You might set up a service called “Technician” with a day rate of $100.

  • Once added, you can make a contact or user a bookable resource for that service.

  • Then, you’ll add the “Technician” service to an opportunity and can pick from a list of people that you’ve set up as bookable resources.

How do you manage services?

The Resource Planner is a calendar of all of your contacts, users, venues, and vehicles that are set as bookable resources for services. 

Use this screen to see all of bookings you have for your staff members, rooms, and vehicles, as well as services that have not been allocated to any bookable resources.

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