Use the activities calendars in Current to get the full story of what needs to be done across your company today, this week, or for the month ahead. 

With the activities calendars, you can:

  • View all of the activities across your company for the day, week, or month.

  • Drill down into your own calendar or a calendar for a particular user.

  • Drag and drop to move activities in the calendar. 

Get started

Head to Activities > Calendar to view your calendars. You’ll be taken to the view that you were last in. If it’s your first visit, you’ll see the daily view for all of your users.

Use the buttons at the top to change your view.

Activity types

Each activity appears as a colored block on the calendar with the subject and times of the activity listed on it.

The color of the block corresponds to the type of activity. You’ll see the colors wherever you see activities in your Current RMS system. 

Want to change colors? Head to System Setup > List of Values and edit the “Activity Types” list. See: Set up new activity types

All calendars


A daily breakdown for each of your users, split into each hour of the day. 

Hour blocks highlighted in white are your working day. Set your working hours in your user profile.

Use the arrows at the top left and right to go back or forward a day.


Click weekly to view a weekly breakdown for each of your users, with a column for each day of the week. 


Click monthly to view a monthly overview of all of your activities. To keep this view manageable, the monthly view doesn’t show individual activities but instead provides a figure for how many activities a user has on a particular day.

The colors you see here represent how busy you are that day – pale yellow when you have few activities to dark red when you have lots. 

By default, 10 is considered busy; if 10 is a normal day for you then you can change this in System Preferences.

Users’ calendars

To see a calendar for a particular user, choose a user’s name from the “calendar” dropdown at the top.

Quickly jump to your own calendar by clicking on your user icon and choosing Calendar from the menu.


An agenda overview of all activities for the day. On the right hand side, there’s a handy weekly agenda too. 

Drag and drop an activity to change when it starts. Drag the bottom of the activity to make it shorter or longer.


This view will be familiar to any calendar user – it’s a list of all activities for each day of the working week.

Drag and drop an activity to change when it starts. Drag the bottom of the activity to make it shorter or longer.


A calendar view of the month ahead. 

Drag and drop an activity to change the date it starts.

Common questions

Can I get activities on my Mac Calendar, Google Calendar, or other calendar?

You can! Subscribe to your iCal feed to see activities on your preferred calendar. See: Get an iCal feed for activities 

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