Where can you create activities?

Create reminders, to-dos, or appointments where they’re most pertinent.

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Anywhere you see “Pending Activities” in your Current RMS system, you can create activities. 

Activities are generally created regarding something, e.g. regarding an organization or product. 

Here’s a full list of pages where you can create activities:

You can also create activities that aren’t regarding anything by heading to Activities > Activities and hitting add activity.

Why would you create activities?

Different businesses work in different ways, but here’s a few ideas.

  • Contact
    Schedule a call with a contact who is set up as a bookable resource to make sure they’re available.

  • Organization
    Remind your team to send a follow-up email to a customer after an event and capture any feedback.

  • Venue
    Plan a visit to a venue for the first time to learn about site and power requirements.

  • User account

  • Vehicle
    Record vehicle servicing by creating an activity and marking the time as busy to make the vehicle unavailable in the resource planner.

  • Product
    Remind your team to perform a software update on a camera or laptop. 

  • Service
    Set a meeting for staff training days for a particular service.

  • Quarantine
    Enter a task to book a repair with the manufacturer and record details of it.

  • Opportunity or project
    Schedule a call with a customer to confirm numbers.

  • Invoice/Credit
    Remind yourself to send a chase email to a client who’s not paid an invoice.

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