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What are the different types of calendar in Current RMS?
What are the different types of calendar in Current RMS?

Find out the differences between the activities calendar, Resource Planner, and Job Planner.

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There’s three main calendars in Current RMS:

Activities calendar

To get to the activities calendar, head to Activities > Calendar.

Any activities you create for user accounts show up in your activities calendar, making it great for managing your colleagues’ schedules and keeping track of internal appointments, reminders, and to-dos.

Resource Planner

To get to the Resource Planner, go to Resources > Planner.

When you add services to orders, those service bookings show up in the Resource Planner. Here, you can see all of the service bookings allocated for your contacts, users, vehicles, and venues. 

Unallocated service bookings show at the bottom of the screen – simply drag and drop onto a bookable resource to allocate.

Job Planner

To get to the Job Planner, go to Opportunities > Job Planner.

All of your opportunities show up in the Job Planner, so you can see all of the work that you’ve got coming up. 

The number at the top of planner under the date shows how many concurrent opportunities you have going on, so it’s great for getting a quick overview of how busy you are.

A quick note about services and activities

It’s worth pointing out that there might be times you see activities on the Resource Planner as well as on your activities calendar.

  • When you allocate a service to a bookable resource, Current RMS automatically creates an activity with the type “task” for it. This means you’ll see the service booking in the Resource Planner and your activities calendar.

  • When creating activities, you can mark the time as busy. The activity then shows up as a grey block in the Resource Planner for any bookable resources.

Subscribe to your calendars

Use your iCal feeds to get your activities, service bookings, or opportunities in your own calendar app. Check out: 

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