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Record a period of unavailability on the Resource Planner
Record a period of unavailability on the Resource Planner

Specify periods when your staff members, vehicles, or venues are unavailable by recording a period of unavailability.

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Sometimes you might like to block out time on the Resource Planner, for example staff holidays or vehicle servicing. Record a period of unavailability by using Activities and marking the time as busy.

Periods of unavailability are marked as red blocks.

Get started

To record a period of unavailability, head to the bookable resource’s page and create an activity as normal by hitting add a new activity under “Pending Activities”.

Fill in the details for this activity as normal, but change the “Record time as” option to “busy”.

The activity will now show up on the Resource Planner as a red block.


The bookable resource will be considered unavailable for the activity dates when performing resource availability checks. You’ll see a warning if you try to allocate a service to them. 

Block out multiple people or resources

If you’re having an all staff meeting or there’s multiple people involved in an activity, add each of the bookable resources as participants to the activity and mark the time as busy. All bookable resources will be blocked out of the Resource Planner.

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