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Send people calendar entries so they can add it to their own calendars with ease.

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For all of the activities in Current RMS, you can grab a calendar entry (.ics  file). This is perfect for attaching to emails to clients or people who don’t use Current RMS for things like site visits.

What’s a calendar entry (.ics file)?

A calendar entry (.ics  file) is a standard file format that allows you to send appointments or tasks. It’s not something that we at Current RMS developed, it’s an open format that’s supported by most calendar apps.

How do calendar entries (.ics files) work?

You the recipient opens the calendar entry in your calendar app – that could be on a computer like Apple Calendar, in the cloud like Google Calendar, or on a mobile device like an iPhone.

When you open, the activity will be added to your calendar as a new appointment.

Download calendar entry (.ics file)

To download an .ics  file, click into an activity and choose Download calendar entry under Actions. 

From here, open the downloaded calendar on your device to see it on your calendar or share it with anyone else.

⚠️   The downloaded file is a copy of the activity in Current RMS. If you change it, it doesn’t update what’s in Current.

iCal feeds

Don’t forget, you can also subscribe to an iCal feed for your activities to automatically get your activities on your calendar. Check out: Get an iCal feed for activities or service bookings

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