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Do you do a lot of site visits, chasing of invoices, or vehicle servicing? While Current RMS comes with some common activity types set up out-of-the-box, you might like to create new activity types that are specific to your business.

Why create new types?

Most activities probably fit into the defaults that we’ve provided, but creating new activity types has some advantages.

  • Easier to distinguish
    While chasing someone for an invoice might be an email or call, creating a dedicated “Invoice Chase” activity type makes activities related to that easy to see.

  • Filtering and reporting
    You could enter site visits as a meeting, but creating a new “Site Visit” type will let you see how many site visits your team have scheduled for the future and how many they’ve done using custom views.

Get started

Activity Types are a system list of values. To add new types, go to System Setup > List of Values. Find “Activity types” in the list and choose edit from the menu.

Add entries

Hit the green add a new list of values entry button to add an activity. Set a color using the picker to the right.

Set a default

The default activity type is the one that’s selected first when you create a new activity. It’s set to “call”, but you can change it here. 

Turn off types you don’t need

Chances are, you don’t send many faxes or write many letters – especially if you’ve moved your business to the cloud with Current RMS. Turn off activities that you don’t want to see by un-checking the active box next to it.

Common questions

Where do I see the colors I set?

You’ll see your colors throughout Current RMS:

  • in lists of activities

  • in your activities calendar

How else can I customize activities?

You can also create new values for the activity status – great for longer term activities that you might want to mark as “in progress” or for recording the status of a repair in the quarantine. Activity status is a list in System Setup > List of Values.

Like other pages in Current RMS, you can create custom fields to capture additional information too. Check out: Add additional fields to your activity screen

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