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An activity is something that you need to do; a bit like a reminder, to-do, or calendar appointment. Start creating activities to get better manage you and your colleagues’ schedules, and to get better insight into what’s been done in the past.

Where can I create activities?

Create activities on pretty much all of the screens in Current RMS:

  • Organizations, contacts, venues, and user accounts

  • Opportunities, projects, and invoices

  • Products, quarantine, services, and vehicles

Wondering why you’d create an activity? Check out our guide for inspiration: Where can you create an activity?

Get started

Activities are generally created regarding something, e.g. regarding an organization. To create an activity, go to the page where you want to create the activity and hit add a new activity under the “Pending Activities” heading.

In the example above, we’re creating an activity regarding an opportunity.

If you like, you can create activities that aren’t regarding anything by heading to Activities > Activities and hitting add activity. 

You’ll see the “Create Activity” screen:

General details

  • Subject
    What is it that you have to do? For example: “Call venue”, “Meet with client”, “Site visit”, etc.

  • Location
    Where is the meeting taking place? 

  • Tags
    Tags are a bit like smart folders or categories; they help you find and filter information. Tag your activity if you wish. Hit enter to lock a tag in.

Schedule information

  • Start
    Use a quick date like “today” or “next week”, or choose “on specific date” to pick a date and time.

  • Duration
    How long will this activity last? Use a quick time or choose “on specific date” to pick a date and time.

  • Priority
    How important is this activity? Choose a rating from one to five stars. 


Enter a few words to describe the activity here. If you’re creating an activity for someone else, this is a good place to tell them what you’d like to be done.



What kind of activity is it? Choose from some common types that we added – like call, fax, email, or meeting – or create your own in System Setup.


What’s the status of this activity? This will generally be “scheduled” when you first create the activity. You can update the activity when you complete it.


The owner is the person who is responsible for this activity. This is automatically set to you, the user logged in creating it. Change this here if you need to.


If you’re recording an activity that you’ve already done, toggle the “completed” slider to YES. This means you won’t need to complete the activity after creating it, it will be automatically marked as complete.

Record time as?

Adding staff members, vehicles, or venues that are set up as bookable resources to this activity? Set this option to “busy” to add this activity to the Resource Planner – great for noting down team meetings, staff holidays, or vehicle servicing.


Add participants to say who this activity involves, i.e. who it’s for. Participants can be user accounts, contacts, organizations, venues, or vehicles. As you type, Current will auto-suggest matching results.

  • When adding a user account, the activity shows up in the activities calendar for that user and will show up on their dashboard in the “activities due today” and “overdue activities” tiles.

  • For contacts, organizations, vehicles, and venues, the activity will show up in the Pending Activities list when you view that particular page.

Common questions

How can I see a list of all of my activities?

Head to Activities > Activities to get an overview of what’s pending.

Can I get activities on my smartphone or Mac calendar?

You can! Subscribe to your iCal feed to get your activities on your device. Check out: Get an iCal feed for service booking activities

Can I set activities to repeat or have them automatically created?

Not right now, but this is something that some of our other customers have asked for. If this is something you’d like to see implemented in future, let us know.

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