Do you deal with a particular person at an organization or venue? Add them as a contact and then link them to the organization or venue for your reference.

Contacts can be linked to multiple organizations or venues, or none at all – it’s up to you.

Create a new contact to an organization or venue

Creating organizations and venues first, then creating contacts is generally the best approach to take. From an organization or venue page, click the add a new linked contact link under the Contacts heading.

When you add a new linked contact in this way, Current will copy over all of the details to the Create Contact screen so you don’t need to re-enter any data.

To link a contact to an organization or venue that already exists, click on the add an existing organization or venue when creating or editing a contact.

Start typing an existing venue or organization in the box; Current will auto-suggest as you type and create a link when you’ve chosen.

Generally, it’s easier to create organizations or venues first and then create new linked contacts from them. If you’ve already created a contact and want to link it to a new organization or venue, create the venue or organization and use the add an existing contact button.

Import via CSV spreadsheet

Our import data tool lets you link contacts to organizations, too.

  • When uploading organizations, you can specify a new contact that’s linked to that organization.

  • When uploading contacts, you can specify an existing organization that this contact should be linked to.

Get started by reviewing our guides, see: Import & Export Data

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