Current RMS is used by businesses across the world in a variety of different industries so we provide the essential fields. Every business is different, so use custom fields to store additional data that’s important for your business.

What is a custom field?

Custom fields let you add things like text boxes, tick boxes, drop-down lists, date pickers, and other fields to any screen in the system so you can store additional information. 

Get started

Creating a custom field is a two step process:

  1. First, create a custom field group. A custom field group is a sub-heading that a custom field sits under.
  2. Then, create a custom field. This is your text box, date picker, drop-down box, tick box, or other field.

Create custom field group

Go to System Setup > Custom field groups and click the add custom field group button.

Create custom field

Go to System Setup > Custom fields, hit the green add custom field button and fill out the fields.

When setting up your field, choose the module “organization”, “contact”, “venue”, or “user account”.

We’ve a full guide that runs through custom fields, see: Create custom fields

Common uses for custom fields

Different businesses use custom fields for different things, but here’s some ideas:


  • Local tax number
  • Payment terms
  • Organization type
  • MailChimp unsubscribe

Contact or user

  • Birthday
  • ID received tickbox
  • Employment date
  • Training date


  • Dress code requirements
  • Capacity
  • On site parking tickbox
  • Power requirements
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