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🎞️ Export your People & Organizations to MailChimp
🎞️ Export your People & Organizations to MailChimp

Easily send your contacts, organizations, and venues to lists in MailChimp

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MailChimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. With Current RMS, you can send contacts, organizations, and venues directly from People & Organizations to your MailChimp lists.

Set up the integration

Before we begin, make sure you’ve set up the integration in System Setup. This is where you’ll tell Current RMS about your MailChimp system.

Export to MailChimp

Using the MailChimp integration is simple – once it’s all set up and enabled, an Export to MailChimp option is added to the View menu in People & Organizations.

Choosing Export to MailChimp sends the current view to a MailChimp list that you select.

Don’t see any MailChimp lists? Set these up in MailChimp.

Filter the view

The default view shows all of your active contacts, organizations, and venues, but you’ll probably want to filter the view so you’re only sending over what’s required. See: Filter the information in People & Organizations

The integration allows you to take over a maximum of 30 attributes at one time. Custom Views will have all column data sent to MailChimp as merge fields.

Export status

Current will let you know the status of the export as it is taking place, and provide a summary of any errors when completed.

When completed, view the list in MailChimp as normal.

⚠️   While the data is sent from Current straight away, MailChimp takes a while to process it all; wait a few moments before refreshing the list in MailChimp.

Common questions

Why can’t I see my MailChimp contacts in Current RMS?

Our integration lets you export contacts to MailChimp lists, but we don’t import contacts from MailChimp. 

You can manually export information from MailChimp to CSV and import to Current RMS if you like. Get started with our guides: Importing and Exporting Data

I need help with MailChimp!

We’d love to help but we’re not MailChimp experts. Check out the MailChimp knowledge base or get in touch with the team there.

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