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Download or upload an address card (vCard)
Download or upload an address card (vCard)

Use electronic business cards to make it quicker to share contact details.

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People often attach address cards to emails or have a link to them on their business cards. You can upload these directly to Current RMS to create contacts.

As well as uploading, you can also download address cards for contacts, organizations, and venues.

What is an address card?

An address card or vCard is an standard format for electronic business cards that contain’s a person’s name and contact information.

Lots of apps let you export to address card, e.g. Outlook and Contacts for Mac. 

Upload an address card

Import an address card to create a contact in Current RMS. 

To import, head to People & Organizations and click the upload icon at the top-right.

From here, drag & drop your address card or click to browse.

Download an address card

To download an address card for a contact, user, organization, or venue, head to their page in People & Organizations and hit the Download an address card link under Actions.

From here, send the address card to colleagues or customers.

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