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Create an organization

Start creating organizations to store contact details and starting adding opportunities and invoices with them.

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Organizations are companies or private individuals that you do business with. Create an organization to store contact information and start creating opportunities and invoices with them.  

There are a few ways you can create organizations: 

We'll run through creating organizations through People & Organizations in this guide. 

Get started

Head to People & Organizations and hit the green add organization button at the top-right.

General details

  • Name
    The only required field. The organization's name.

  • Tags
    Tags are a bit like smart folders or categories; they help you find and filter information. Tag your organization if you wish. Hit enter to lock a tag in.

  • Image
    Browse for an image from your local device by clicking choose file

Contact information

Beneath the tags box, there's buttons to add in telephone numbers, email addresses, web links, and addresses.

There’s no limit to the number of these fields that you can have, so add as many as you need.

If you're planning to use Discussions, keep in mind that an organization must have a valid work email address listed here in order to be added as a participant to a discussion.

To remove something, click the red delete button to the right of it.


Any notes about this customer? Enter some descriptive text here that will be shown at the top of an organization page.


  • Account number
    If you give organizations account numbers, enter this here. You might also use this to store a tax number.

  • Rating
    Choose one to five stars to tell your system how important this organization is to your business. 

  • Owner
    The owner is usually the user account who created the organization. Change this here. 

  • Tax class
    How do you charge this organization tax? Set up organization tax classes in System Setup.

  • Active
    You'll probably want to leave this as YES. Setting an organization as inactive is a good way of keeping your Current RMS system clutter-free when you no longer do business with someone. 

  • Cash customer
    Set to YES if this customer pays in cash. When creating invoices with this organization, payment terms will be set to zero days. 

  • On Stop
    Does this customer have a lot of outstanding invoices? Set this to YES and Current will stop you from adding this customer to new opportunities.

Pricing attributes

  • Price category
    Price categories let you set up multiple price lists in your Current system. Choose which price category applies to a customer here. 

  • Discount category
    Discount categories let you automatically discount products and services on opportunities with this organization. Choose which discount category applies here.

Link to contact in your accounts solution

If you’ve enabled integration with Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage you’ll see a field for linked accounting solution contact.

Contact already in Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage?

Type a name in here to search all of the contacts in your accounting solution and create a link between the contact there and the organization in Current RMS.

⚠️️  If you have the “update a linked contact when editing an organization” option turned on in your accounting integration settings and you link a contact here, any information in your accounting solution will be replaced with information from this page in Current RMS. 

New contact

You can configure your accounting integration so that when you add a new organization in Current RMS, it creates a linked contact in your accounting solution. 

If this option is turned on, leave this field blank and Current will create a new contact there for you.

Link to contact in Current RMS

Contact already created in Current RMS?

To link this organization to another contact, click the green add an existing contact button and start typing an existing name in the box. Current will auto-suggest for you and create a link.

New contact?

If you’d like to link this organization to a new contact, do this on the next screen by clicking the add new linked contact link. 

When you add a new linked contact via this method, Current will copy over all of the details to a create screen so you don’t need to re-enter any data.

Press the blue Create Organization button at the bottom of the page to finish adding your organization.

Common questions

Should I create an organization, contact, or venue?

Generally speaking, an organization is someone that you're going to bill. Have a look at our guide that runs through the differences: What's the difference between a contact, organization, and venue?

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